Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in review

In January, Daniel and i got a kitten named Wynston who has bought us a lot of mischief and joy.

February bought me a return to uni at western Sydney where i am extremely happy and have met some wonderful people

In March, Daniel finally returned to work and has not stopped since. He has been allowed to work on his own which is very unusual for an apprentice.

Not much happened over April and May just a lot of working and uni.

In June we moved to our own sweet little two bedroom apartment which we are still organising ( Daniel calls me the organise queen)

July we had Daniel's birthday which we spent at Abduls with his father and brother.

At the beginning of August we lost my lovely grandpa.

I also spent my birthday in bed sick. :(

September and October were busy finishing off university assessment and getting ready for exams.

November bought exams and then quite time for me while Daniel started to get some overtime at work finally....

In December at the beginning of the month we spent time relaxing and do thing we enjoy, later in the month we had my parents for xmas. We had so much fun this month.

Now it almost 2010, and lets hope it a good one.

Have a happy and safe new year everyone

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