I am 27 years old.
I am engaged to Daniel, my best friend and the sweetest guy i know
We have two fanastic little cats, Wynston and Piggie.
I love taking photos but i am not very good YET!

I love to read and will read almost anything, you can see what i have recently read here. My two favortie books of all time are The Virgin Sucides by Jeffrey Eugenides and Back Roads by Tawni O'Dell
I watch way too much tv ( and i am a secret sci-fi lover, give batttlestar anyday over shows like Brothers and Sisters). I love watching Dr. Who, Bones, Gossip girl and Lost Girl, to name a few.
I have one brother
I love to create Mini albums,and this year (2011) i am trying to make 28 the same age i will turn this year
I am currently planning a wedding, and have so many ideas in my head.
You can contact me here