Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What i am working on right now

Currently i am working on a few projects,
the first which i am nearly finish is for challenge masters Book of Me december challenge which is on the topic of what you are grateful for. i also doing a few of the other challenges from the website.

i also working on my twelve days of xmas album which is inspired by Ali Edwards' December daily album . i really did not have the time to do a whole album for december so i just doing the 12 days of xmas i.e. 14th to 25th. right now i just doing some prep work. i have found some really beautiful albums that people are doing and i hope to share it online with you later.

as well as that i still reorganising decluttering the house.... it actually looks worst now than it did before but sometimes things have to get worst before they get better.

anyway take care

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