Friday, January 15, 2010

a bit late

i just came across this and it look like alot of fun so even though it is not the first of Jan, i though i would still fill it in. (IT probaley will be a bit boring oh well)

1. Who was your first kiss of 2009?

* Daniel

2. Who do you think will be your last kiss of 2009?

* Daniel

3. What was your best vacation/trip in 2009?

* the only time i went away was for my grandfather funeral so it was not the best vacation/ trip at all but i guess if i had to choose something nice it would be having mum and dad here for Xmas.

4. Who was your best friend through out the whole 2009?

* Caroline

5. How many times did you move this year?

* once, and hopefully the last for some time

6. Did you make any new friends in the year 2009?

* oh yes i made heaps of new friends, Alex, Tara and Angela just to name a few

7. How many different people did you kiss in the year 2009?

* Ummm....1

8. Were you single or taken most of 2009?

* Taken.

9. Did you lose any friends in the year 2009?

* Probably and relatives as well

10. Favorite TV show of 2009?

* Glee (total in love), Dr. Who, Dexter

11. Any new additions to the family in 2009?

* Yes little Wynston

12. Any new tattoos in 2009?

* No

13. Do anything you regret in 2009?

* yumm, i don't think so... no i know leaving the fridge at Dave and hence never getting it back :(

14. Favorite new item in 2009?

* oh my stamps, i just in love with stamps atm... also my kitchen whizz love that

15. How old did you turn in 2009?

* 26

16. Did you go to prom in 2009?

*no, plus no prom in Australia

17. Favorite memory of 2009?

* i guess sleepover party with the girls

18. Did anyone close to you die in 2009?

* my granddad

19. Do you think 2010 will be better than 2009?

* every year get better and brighter (trying to think positive here)

20. What did you do on new years eve?

* lol this is sad, we went to a friend house and at 1130 i pleaded to be taken home because i was too tired. so i was taken home and then Dan and i snuggle on the couch and brought the new year in together

21. What is the status of you and the last person you texted?

* Daniel, we are in a relationship

22. What is wrong with you right now?

* i bored, and i have a headache...

23. Do you miss your first love?

* nope

24. When did you last cry?

* A few days ago.

25. Who do you hate?

* people who are not kind to others in particular those who focus to much on task orientated work rather than holistic care

26. What do you want in your life right now?

* Peace.

27. Are you happy?

* yep.

28. What do you smell like?

* lol no idea since i have been doing house work all morning probley like household cleaners.

29. Drinking?

* no.

30. What’s your favorite thing to have on your bed?

* my doona so boring lol.

31. What do you wear to bed?

* a t-shirt, undies.

32. Do you tend to make relationships complicated?

* sometimes but i have been in one for 8 years.

33. Whose house did you go to last night?

* just my own

34. What about the night before that?

* ditto

35. Do you like anyone right now?

* i love someone right now.

36. What is the last movie you watched?

* hmm last movie i watched would have been lol star trek 2009 version .

37. What are you excited about?

* going back to uni, alex coming home from NZ and the cybercrop on tonight at the litte scrapbook shop.

38. Who was last to touch your ass?

* lol

39. When you sleep, do you dream about heroin addicts?

* No.

40. Whats on your mind right now?

*how silly the last question was and how much my head hurts

41. Who was the last person to make you cry?

* probley someone at work i dont know

42. Name someone whose name starts with the letter "R."

* R? i don't know anyone who starts with R... oh what the youtube late who does scrapbooks stuff yumm oh Roxanne

43. Do you care what others think about you?

* Yes

44. Do you trust people easily?

* Probably too easily.

45. Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?

* i better be.

46. Will you kiss the last person you kissed again?

* yep.

47. Whats your first text in your inbox say?

* Wendy Sparkes commented on your status.

"I have re-sorted the big bookcase with assistance from

48. Who was the last person you called?

* daniel

49. Who was the last missed call?

* Monty

50. What's your ring tone?

* falling for you by eskimo joe

51. Do you plan on moving out in the next year?

* NO

52. What were you doing at 8pm last Friday night?

* last friday night let me think actually i don't know but today a friday and tonight i am having yummy dinner with dan followed by some scrapbooking

53. What happened at 10:00 am today?

* i put on a load of washing

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Wendy said...

Very clever. When are you going to tell us what you bought that is so secret?