Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is what made my day

(source: this is the only picture i could find that sort of represent what i am talking about.)

I was at the bus stop on Monday, when i saw something that made my day. This elderly lady was having trouble getting up from her seat, and walking to get on the bus. There was this guy, big buff guy walking towards her, i was a bit worried he was going to walk right into her. I was about to jump up and help her. When this guy stop, now if you look at this guy you would think he was another smart Alec guy who did not give a crap, but he stop. He helped this lady up from here seat and onto the bus, so this is what MADE MY DAY TODAY and also taught me a little lesson, even if it is a cliché one "Don't judge it book by it cover"

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