Friday, October 22, 2010

Day Trip

A few weeks ago, Daniel and I went on a day trip. I had been wanting to get out of the city for sometime, just to get away from everyday life, the noise of inner city living and to get some  fresh air. I really feel sometimes I could live in the middle of nowhere with a few cows, sheep and a chicken just so I could have fresh air and no traffic.
Our day starts at the markets in Balmain so we could get fresh fruit, to snack on while travelling, we also added into the mix the yummiest chocolate and beetroot muffins (which reminded me of my chocolate and beetroot cake). Following the market, we travelled up the towards Horsby, planning on continue up the central coast, however our plans change a little, as we decided to stop in Brooklyn for lunch. Dan said they had the best fish and chip in Australia here, and he was not wrong, the fish is caught fresh everyday, and the chips are homemade. After leaving Brooklyn, we decided to drive along the old pacific highway and see where we ended up but we sort of got lost, so we ended up driving to Wisemen Ferry, the journey here had the most beautiful sights, it was so magical, the journey consisted of amusing conversation including the one about the giant plants that look like they come from the world of dinosaurs (mum, please see picture and ask Bruce what they are) to the promises of going to a Xmas tree farm this year to cut down our own tree.

Once the sun started to set we started our journey home, feeling very satisfied with our drive and the time we had had together.

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