Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Heart October, 23 2010

I love searching Etsy and other sites for inspiration of what i want our home to look like one day, right now we can not afford all my dreams for our house, but i can get some pieces that i want. Right now i am complete in love with this jewelry hanger made from reclaimed printers draws. I will not be buying it, but if i was to stumble cross some printers draws or something similar i might just try making something like these to hang in our bedroom

I am also totally in love with this DIY headboard on design sponge, early next year i going to try and make something similar but i think i will keep it square. I cannot wait to start looking for funky fabric to make this with

and last but not least is

The Exquisite book is a project based on the game called Exquisite Corpse. There was ten  group of ten artist who participated in the game, the first artist was given a few words to inspired their drawing. The other artists only saw the page that came before there's, which they then used to create their piece of work to continue the story and inspire the next artist. You can read more and see the pictures that were made at . And until Nov 22, 2010 you can purchase a printed on mounted bamboo plywood. Sigh, the only problem is to decided which of the 100 print to buy.

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