Thursday, October 14, 2010

The President's Wife

Blurb: "Her youth, charisma and freshness have endeared her to thousands. Photographers lay siege to her family home. She is followed everywhere.

But who is she? Young, beautiful, with an impeccable political pedigree, she is the women in love with Marshell Avery, the next President of the United States. And while Beth has the poise not to falter under the barrage of flashbulbs, it can't protect her from a would-be assassin's bullet.... "

When I finish started reading this book I was surprised to learn that it was written by an Australia author, I guess I presumed since written about America, it was written by an American. After discovering this I was not sure if I wanted to read this, after all an Australia writing a very American book, However, Thea Welsh pulls it off, I very much enjoyed The President’s Wife, it’s engaging and well written. The book is a suspenseful, gripping tale of marriage in the public spotlight and the private anguish that comes with it, which gives us an fantastic examination of the way certain women-like Diana and Jackie- live there life.

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