Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Review: Breaking Dawn


They say the final book in the #1 bestselling twilight saga, will take your breath away. However, this was not the case, i painstakingly read this book as i had read the other and once i start a set of books i like to finish them. Unfortunately, The twilight saga, is just as painful as nails going down a chalk board. However, i must say that any book that get teenagers reading is a bonus so i will say for this reason and this reason alone, twilight has done some good in the world. Anyway, back to Breaking  Dawn, there were moment when i laugh but for the most part i was waiting for something to happen, i actually thought this books was heading somewhere unlike it previous books but nothing happened, and i finish reading, I thought to myself what a waste of time and effort. And the main story line, Bella's pregnancy and the half- vampire and half- human baby is oven done. Book such as Vampire  Academy, L.J. Smith's Night World: Huntress have one or more, and movies like Blade and Underworld also have this concept, and even one of my all time favorite TV shows, Angel had Connor.
As this is the final Twilight book, i will thankful not have to read another one, and if  Stephanie Myer write another book about anything, i will not be reading it.

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