Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

I have had loads of nicknames over the years, but some that have sticked are 

grisely bear - This is my Dad's nickname (Dad aka Jamez for me. The reason behind it i guess because i so grisely puss.

ezza- Well, my name is Erin, and as Australia's love to do, change people name to an za. So Erin becaome Ez,Harry becomes Hazza, Sharon becomes Shazza, Barry becomes Bazza however I really hate this nickname, i really don't like when people call me this. However, people still do i encorugae them to use Ez instead. The other nickname that related to this one is ezzie, which my friend Laura aka Hippi Lollie uses.

Daniel aka Sexy Rexy has many names for me these include Bubes Malone which is a play on the gangest Bugsy Malone name, because as he jokes i am his little gangest, which is a quite strange since i am no gangest.
He also calls me Bubkasha, which he thought meant baby, but it actually translates as "old women wearing scaf", and is a term used for "grandma" in russia... but i love the way he says and the thought behind it even if he had the meaning wrong, so i let him call me an old women wearing a scaf.

I am sure there is many other nicknames i am called but these are the one i remember the most, or i love the most.

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