Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet Piglet

Nicknames: Piggie, Little Boy, Kitten

Kitty Complexion:  
Activeness : crazy (currently running laps in the apartment)
Intelligence: Genius 
Curiosity: Curious  
Friendliness: overall affectionate especially if he want something
Vocal: vocal most of the time

Quick Bio:
Birthday: Feb, 2010

Coloration: Tabby
Likes: Fish, ripping up toilet paper, the laptop
Pet-Peeves: not being feed on his schedule
Favorite Toy: anything he can get his hands on
Favorite Nap Spot: Top of the fringe, on the couch
Favorite Food: food is his middle name
Skills: making mum laugh, opening doors and getting locked in rooms
Dwells: indoors
Lives Remaining: 8 out of 9 (only because of all the toilet paper he has destroyed)

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