Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Nicknames: Wynnie, Wynnie the pooh, Big Boy, Kitten (Edward Cullen based on this picture)

Kitty Complexion:  
Activeness : Sleepy 
Intelligence: Genius 
Curiosity: Curious  
Friendliness: affectionate when it suits 
Vocal: not vocal most of the time

Quick Bio:
Birthday: March 5th, 2009

Coloration: Chocolate, Cream 
Likes: Fish, the laptop, eating Mum's oregano, sun baking in a window, sitting in front of tv while people watch it.
Pet-Peeves: Piggie jumping on top of him while he sleeping
Favorite Toy: Al foil rolled up in a ball
Favorite Nap Spot: The end of the bed, or on top of the fridge
Favorite Food: Salmon or prawns or fresh chicken
Skills: Opening doors
Lives Remaining: 9 out of 9

Note:Piggie's Bio coming tommorrow

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