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December Daily 2010

I have finally started working on my December Daily as i have not printed my photos i have not actually started putting it together, however i have started working out what i want to put in for each day so far. I am basing this album around traditions, new and old. This is the first year where Daniel and I have not really had our family around for the Christmas period, which is a little sad and we will miss them terrible, but i am trying to make the most of the situation. So i have decided we need to start making our own traditions, finding our own meaning for what Christmas is for us.

So i have started working out my journaling for the first few day of Christmas, and I have some photos taken but i need to take some more to finish of this days, as i no so much scrapbooking day by day, but focusing on the traditions we are creating. However, some days will be actually what happened that day, e.g. Daniel's  work Christmas party on the 11th, but others will just represent the meaning and feeling of Christmas to Dan and I.

December 1st: Advent Calender (Need to get a better photo for this)

This is the first Xmas, Daniel and I will start to make our own traditions for Xmas. Though we have had many Xmas together, they have typically been spent with our family, or with a lack of money but this year  though we are comfortable in our money situation and our families are in another state. I thought long and hard what Xmas meant to me and how i wanted Daniel to see how special it really is (Dan is a bit of a HUM BUG), so i decided to make him an advent calendar.  One of my fondest memories growing up  was of opening up my advent calendar each day counting down to Christmas.  So after a little Internet browsing i came across, a concept a website that included free templates for  little boxes. So the concept was born, each boxes has either a voucher e.g.  breakfast in bed, candy or a promise to him. I put all the boxes under the Christmas tree, and the plan is each morning to put it next to his wallet so that he wakes up to find a surprise.

December 2nd: Xmas Letters

Today, Daniel was on a call so I decided to work on a new tradition we have decided to do this year which is to write each other a letter that we will open up on Christmas day.  I cannot wait to open up Daniel letter and see what he has to say to me....  His hand written letter or typed if he wants will mean so much more to me than,  any gift that he gives me.

December 3rd:  It beginning to look a lot like Christmas....  

 We bought a tree, some decorations and lights the other day and i also had made some decorations to put up around the house.  So today while Daniel was at work i put up the tree and decorated it and the apartment. (note: i do not have enough decorations to cover the whole tree, as we are working within a budget so i just decorated the part that is visual at the front).   I left the most important Christmas decoration of the tree, which is the star. When Daniel got home, it was his job to put the finishing touches on the tree.
Prior to putting up the decorations i had gone out had a facial and then got all the food need for our Xmas lunch with Sasha and Julia on Saturday.

Audit: Xmas lunch was cancel due to Daniel's work commitments, to be rescheduled.

December 4th: Xmas Cards

This year I had big plans, but they were too big, I wanted to make my Xmas cards, but after much humming and haring I realised it just wasn’t going to happen. After, this realisation, I was a little disappointed and said to myself I am not going to bother with cards at all this year... but then I yet again changed my mind and said screw it I will just send some out.... So over   the last week  I painstakingly wrote out my Xmas cards, and today  I finally finish

Once I print my photos and put my pages together I will show them to you.

Also on another note, I have been so busy I have not be able to do my Reverb 10 writings, so hopefully tomorrow before work I will be able to sit down and do a catch up on those and the 30 days of me project.

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