Monday, January 03, 2011

Becoming a Healthy Me

 Number one on my list to do this year was to Get Healthy (loose  20kg),  I need to loose more than 20kg but i think that this is a health amount to focus on for one year. I hope that I stick to the plan, lose weight and build strength. That i get to a point which i am happy with and i can do what i want to do (dance classes, hiking and riding my bike to work)

I will be honest I don't like looking at myself in the mirror, and i certainly don't feel good about myself or have the self confidence to conquer the world.
So the PLAN is:
  • drink more water ( i want to be drinking at least 2L per day by the end of the year)
  • eat healthy meals (and more home cooked one too), 
  • eat a balanced diet including vegetable, fruit, grains etc
  • Exercise daily
  • yoga 6 times a week
  • an at least 30 mins on a cross trainer 6 times a week
  • Keep track of my progress
  • weekly weight and BMI using the Wii Fit
  •  monthly measurements
  • reward myself ( i going to work out a reward system for myself, i.e.once i loose this many kilo i will get this.... going to sit down and work this out yet)
This is the plan, simple yet i know i will struggle at times... I know i am going to need tons of support and encouragement so please send them my way! Thankful Dan is being so supportive and encouraging me to the max. I will most likely update you monthly on how i am going or maybe i might do a week overview, not sure yet...

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