Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I want to blog

I really want to blog,  I really do want to sit down and share what has been happening BUT when i finally sit down to write i cannot find the words... I type up a message then i deleted, and i go through this process a couple of times until i give up. Why? Because i don't feel as though what i write is good enough, i don't feel what i have to say is important enough. SO much is going on in the world, and my voice is so unimportant (but this post is not about what going on in the world). I don't feel as though i can articulate my self the way I want and I also don't feel as though anyone cares what i have to say or share.

Right now i need to refocus, on what is important to me, what i want from life. I need to find time to do the things i enjoy (including blogging). I need to remind myself, this blog was not for other but for me. It was for me to find my voice, for me to have a place to look at and see who i am, so it does not matter if other read or if they care.

So i am going to really try to make the effort to blog more often, to share my life, loves and hates. Get back into posting regular. 

I promise you this blog, I will write to you. I will share with you.... I might just be a little sluggish for  a little while longer, just until i find my voice again! Just until i find a little bit of passion (and if you know who stole it, tell them to bring it back please).

So until next time

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