Friday, August 08, 2008

First Post From Sydney

It has been nearly three week since i left Melbourne and things are progressing nicely, our room is now set up and the house is slowly getting there.

We have bought an aloe plant form Bunnings the other day we name it Hugh after the street we live in. He sits on the kitchen window and has come in handy a lot because i keep burning my self when i am cooking. Daniel normally cooks but due to his hand he not able to.

i have applied for other jobs not only the one that is being organize for me as that will be mainly 12 hour shifts on the weekends, which will allow me to work another job during the week as well as go to university next year.

Daniel hand is slowly progressing he can now oppose his thumb to his little finger which he has not be able to do until recently. He also has a new split that he is to wear for five times a day for approxmentaly 10 mins that looks like some Bionic hand contraption. It is meant to be use to help strength his tendon so he will be able to make a fist eventually.

Not much else has been happening mainly we have been spending load of time at hospital and Doctors with Daniel's hand. i hope to put up some photos of where we are living and what we have been doing soon


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