Friday, December 12, 2008

So it seams like a year

So it seams like a year has past since I first moved to Sydney, and though I said to myself that I would update my blog at least once a week informing people what I had been up to it seams like I forgot. Mainly I guess due to the disappointment that not one of my friends managed to read what I wrote, was this due to the fact they don’t care about me or was it more along the lines that nobody has time for anything any more. It took my mother message to remind me that this blog even existent….

So I sat there thinking what should I do with it… should I continue to write about MY LIFE IN SYDNEY or could I put this idea to rest and just get on with my life. My decision did not come easy but I did finally reach one. I decided I would write I decided that it was more important to preserve my memories and it did not matter if anyone read it or not. At least I could say I was here and I did this. Why do I scrapbook if not for myself to remember what happen even if nobody else every sees my pages. So I guess the same could be said about this blog, writing to remember even if nobody ever reads it.

So what have I been up to since I first left Melbourne, apart from getting my house ready or the house that I pretend is Daniel and mine when in fact it is shared accommodation which relays heavily of everyone pulling there weight when in fact that it is only Daniel and myself who manage to do anything around here. L however even if this is the case we manage to live a pretty good life, we have the kitchen set up nicely and our bedroom is comfortable even if at times it doubles as a lounge, tv room and parlor but it comfortable. So our house is pretty good.

Daniel’s hand is improving even though we think his index tendon maybe ruptured and require more surgery but we will wait and see what happens next week (Friday the 19th of December) when we see the plastic surgeon. If he requires more surgery we will deal with it and work on getting his hand back to normal so he can go back to work. His sensation has improved our of sight and he is slowly been able to feel things again, even if cold things feel wet and my nails softly going across his skin feel like a nail is being hammed into his hand. The progression is slow but it is improving and that all that matters.

I am now working at a nursing home, the work is hard but rewarding it only been a few weeks so we will see how it goes. I have meant some really lovely people there which is good.

Not much else is happening really.

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