Friday, February 26, 2010

something i proised to share

Some time ago, i promised i would share with you what Dan had bought me to help clean the house but then to cut a long story short we lost the Internet and a few other things happen so i never actually got around to it.... but i promised i would share so here it is..... with a very loud and long awaited drum roll i introduce to you Rayna, my Dyson vacuum cleaner ( yes i named my vacuum cleaner, it means clean, pure in Yiddish)

i have to say i did not think it would be worth investing that much money in a vacuum cleaner but i have to say it really does make a difference.... the carpets feel so much fresher after using it.

thank you sweetie for the lovely present it really makes my life easier...


p.s. i will try and share the last two months scrapbooking projects with you later today.... gosh i have been so slack lately

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