Thursday, September 16, 2010

27 before 28

So i have decided that i am going to do my list of things i want to do before my birthday again… i was not going to do this again original but decided that i need some focus, some what do i wish to achieve and experience this year. So yes it is coming a little late… but better late than never right. so starting next week, i am going to be working on my list.
1. See a show
2. Sew something
3. Plant something
4. Have a xmas party
5. Hold a girls weekend away
6. Go on a picnic
7. Take a cooking class
9. Decorate the bedroom
10. Plan one date night per month
11. Find a good perfume
12. Take a photography course
13. Get my driving license
14. Visit Melbourne at least 6 times
15. Take picture in a photo booth every week (starting once this list is finish)
17. Get over my fear of falling
18. Purge three things from my house…daily…starting today
19. Reduce, reuse, recycle
20. Exercise daily
21. See a band live
22. Read one book a month for 12 months (did two in august)
23. Go on the ghost tour of the rocks
24. Do a hard Sudoku in one sitting
25. Visit the Paddington market
26. Blog at least once a day
27. Where make up everyday
Note: number 8 and 16 are a little too personal to share, so i am keeping them a little secret.
Also i plan on documenting all of these things. i have made a little mini book which i will share later once i have taken some photos to scrapbook these moments.

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