Friday, September 17, 2010

Number 26

So on my list of things to do was to blog at least once a day everyday... This is going to be quite an effort for me to do so since i am the queen of organisation, that i should make some form of a plan to how i am going to achieve it.
When i say blog, it does have to be long, it can be a sentance, a paragraph or an essay it could be a photo, or just a quote, some will be done on spare of the moment, other will be well plan out but what every format it comes it there is going to be one per day for everyday until my next birthday.

I have decided that some days i am going to have themes to help me blog, i working out the full detail still but my ideas at the moment are

Wedding Wednesday
Thursday- Mid Week Cooking
Saturday - I love

Well that what i have come up with so far... i am sure there will be more information about this soon enough.... i know i want to do a day about the craft project i am working on but not sure which day yet...

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