Saturday, November 20, 2010

December Daily 2010

As i previously mentioned i am participating in Ali Edwards December Daily this year, and i was thinking about what sort of things i would like to included in my album, what sort of events will be happening. Our Xmas won't be a very typical one, due to the fact we are not near any family and this year we are not and they are not travelling to each other. On top of this fact, Dan and I will both be working over the Xmas period, i will have Xmas day off but it looks like Dan going to be on call which puts a damper in our Xmas plans... So this year my December daily will not be filled with Xmas events etc but will represent where we are right now and what we are doing right now to make our lives work... i think it will be interesting to look back on and see the difference from this very un-Christmas Christmas to one in ten years or so that will be a true Aussie Xmas.

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