Monday, December 13, 2010

a couple of things

I decided not to do ReVerb 10, i love the concept and would love to have participate BUT i just do not have the time. There is so much going on right now that i had hardly enough time to breath let alone participate in Reverb, so this is going on the list of things to do next year when life is a little less crazy.

Also i noticed some of my 30 days of me entry have gone missing in cyber space, so i go to re-post those prior to doing day 30 so that all of them are done and that little project is completed. ( I going to fix this up on Wednesday when i have the day off work)

Still working on my December Daily and will share photos once i get photos printed so i can actually finish the whole page. I found the little traditions and things Daniel and I do are quite amusing and am loving documenting them. I most like post one big post of  all the complete pages, after Christmas as i do not see me being able to get photos printed before then, but i will share some more of my journalling and photos over the next few days.

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