Friday, July 17, 2009


It true if you marry an electrician then all your wiring problems will never get fixed.... well in my case it is my fridge and air-con problems are never getting solved. A couple of days ago I opened up my freezer door to discover that everything was defrosted and off.... and my fridge was slowly loosing it coldness. So I said to myself “it okay there is a fringy in the house he will fix it” (I should have none better)..... So I remained calm yet slightly frustrated as I only just been food shopping and had lost about 200 dollars of food :( anyway this said FRINGY came home and quickly diagnosed there was a leak and the fringe needs re-gassing. Ok cool nothing major something he can fix YEAH... now I wait for it to be fixed....
Still waiting after 3 days, I ask him why am I waiting (slowly dehydrating) it turns out that the gas that the fridge needs is one that he cannot get his hands on easily unless we spend a thousand dollars on a new bottle. I don’t think so, so now plan B) by a new fridge LOL. Yes this is amusing because I am pretty sure we don’t have the money for that so plan B.1) buy a new second hand fridge YEAH Problem solved. Well sort off, tomorrow morning instead of having a nice sleep in and then maybe heading off to the markets I’m off to get a second hand fridge. As you can see wives or partners of electricians are putting up with bad wiring, of plumbers leaking pipes and me I get a second hand fridge that won’t last longer than a week (ok that is an understatement, but I just slightly frustrated with the whole situation).

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