Wednesday, December 29, 2010

grrrr, internet

Since Christmas Eve our Internet has been on a go slow, it has improved a little today however it still only dial up speeds.... and i starting to get a little frustrated with Internet and phone companies who blame each other for the issue and take no responsibility for anything. So even though i had big plans for blogging after Christmas it looks like that the world had different plans for me... Lol, this seams to be always the way. When you think that you know what you need the universe know what you really need... AND yes i need a break from the blog, from the Internet and most of all from FACEBOOK.... So what did i do on those days with little or no Internet, well apart from celebrating Christmas and working. I spent those quite moments with Daniel cuddling in  bed or on the couch, flying his helicopter with him (yes, and crashing it to the point we need spare parts so we can fly it again), a lot of thinking and working out what next year has to hold to me, CLEANING was a big thing, who knew a Christmas dinner for two could cause so so much mess, chasing cats around the house because they are getting into things they should not get into and just over all relaxing after a year that has been hectic, but over all a good one. Yes, there was bad moments and i hope next year is a better year for us but overall i have to say that I AM HAPPY, ALIVE AND I SURVIVED.
I have so much to share with you, over the next few days (if the Internet works that is), first i want to share my December daily and a few other mini album projects i am working on.
Secondly i want to share my goals for next year, which i am very excited about as well as a recent purchase that I made from ebay (which currently Piggie is sleeping on).
I have a two book reviews to share (I will probably post the first later today) and i will be starting up my mid week cooking feature again tomorrow with a new recipe from the fantastic recipe book my parents gave me from Christmas ( Nigella Lawson's Kitchen).

So until next time
love E

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